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Our robotic welder has an A and B turntable that can weld parts 32″ wide, 12″ deep and 16″ tall.



8′ wide 6′ deep 7′ height wet booth.
8′ wide 7′ deep 8′ height powder coat booth.
3′ wide 2′ deep 4′ height oven.

Plastic Injection Molding

2-75 ton molding machines with 4 oz. capabilities.
1-110 ton molding machine with 5 oz. capabilities.
1-150 ton molding maching with 5 oz. capabilities.


40-20 Bed with 4 axis: X,Y,Z,A MILL.
4 Mills with a 40-20 bed with 3 axis: X,Y,Z, and are wired for an A axis rotary Table.
2 lathes with bar feeders that can handle 2.5”material. 20” of Z travel.
1 lathe that can handle 1.65” material with 20” of travel.
Band saw that can cut 8″ diameter steel.


Solidworks CAD with machining, sheet metal, electrical, and other modules.
Willing to travel to customer locations to review projects and offer solutions.
Experience with control panels, circuit boards, electrical and mechanical test solutions, and wire harnesses.

Quality Driven

Developed Products


90 Degree 2-way Gate Saver


Surge Suppressing Devices

compass1 (1)

Flux-Gate Compasses


AC/DC Solenoids & Linear Motors

Electronic-Bells-RR-Crossings (1)

Railroad Bell


Crossing Lights

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