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Your Trusted Electromechanical
Custom Engineering Contract Manufacturer

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing


At MTR we have the capabilities, capacities, and resources to assist with not only developing but also delivering the products you need at a low cost as well as in a timely manner.  We are able to do this  by utilizing our teams skills, expertise, talents while also leveraging our custom technologies and operational efficiencies to provide our specialized products.  Our manufacturing processing is vertically integrated allowing us to manufacture a variety of components in-house in an effective and efficient manner.


MTR is a technology based company helping you be on the cutting edge.
See below for some of the customized products we manufacture.

Quality Driven

Developed Products


90 Degree 2-way Gate Saver

Surge Supressing Devices

Surge Suppressing Devices

compass1 (1)

Flux-Gate Compasses


AC/DC Solenoids & Linear Motors

Developed Products

Railroad Bell


Crossing Lights

If you have any questions about our services or products please contact us.